1992-1993 TROOP 49 CALENDAR
August Hike & Camping Trip, Lebanon State Forest (Green/Yellow)
September 26-27 Camping Trip, Pine Hill S. R. (Yellow)
October 25, (Sun.) Conservation Project (Ax & Saw) (Red)
October 28, (Wed.) Halloween Party Troop Meeting
November 20-21-22 Camping Trip, Brookville S. R. (Yellow)
November 25 No Troop Meeting
November 26 Happy Thanksgiving To You All
December 15 Court of Honor And...Christmas Party Dinner
(Marlton Lakes Club House)
December 23 No Troop Meeting, Merry Christmas
December 30 No Troop Meeting, Happy New Year
January 15-16-17 Cabin Camping Trip (Training) (Tan/Yellow)
February 17 Webelos Den's 1&2 Visit Troop Meeting
February 27-28 Battleship Massachuesetts Trip (Postponed to Jan. 1994)
March 21 5-Mile Town Hike, (Required for Second Class) (Green)
March 26-27-28 Camping Trip, Camp Roosevelt (Blue-Rain)
March 31 Board of Review
April 7 Court of Honor
April 30, May 1-2 Camping Trip, Camp Edge (Yellow)
May 5 Pack 141 Webelos Visit Troop Meeting
May 26 Board of Review
June 4-5-6 Camping Trip, Y.M.C.A. Camp, Medford Lakes
Family Day (Dinner) Court of Honor (Yellow)
June 18 Webelos Graduate to Troop
June 25-26-27 White Water Rafting Trip (Black)
August 1-7 Summer Camp Brookville Scout Reservation (Large White with Black)
August 25 Order of the Arrow Unit Elections
Year End Total 22 Days and Nights of Camping to August 1993

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