Bead Colors

White Leadership
Gold Advancement
Tan Training
Red Service
Green Hike
Brown Activity (non-camping)
Ivory Special Recognition
Red & White Order Of The Arrow
Glow-In-The-Dark  or Orange Halloween Party
Bright Orange Halloween Party Prize Winner
Yellow Nice / Sunny
Dark Blue Rain
Light Blue Very Cold / Snow
Black Storm
Fancy Gold Venture Trip
Summer Camp:
1993 Large White with Black (Citta S.R.)
1994 Large Blue with Black (Citta S.R.)
1995 Large Multi-Colored Clay (Citta S.R.)
1996 Spool (paint as desired) (Citta S.R.)
1997 Sphere (paint as desired) (Citta S.R.)
1998 Red Spool (finish as desired) (Citta S.R.)
1999 Green Sphere (finish as desired) (Citta S.R.)
2000 Blue Spool with a splash of white (Citta S.R.)
2001 Yellow Sphere (finish as desired) (Citta S.R.)
2001 Coin (Nova Scotia)
2002 Tan Spool (Citta S.R.)
2003 Red Sphere (Citta S.R.)
2004 Orange Sphere (Citta S.R.)
2005 Teal Spool (Citta S.R.)
2006 Christmas-green sphere with red lettering (Citta S.R.)
2007 John Adams Golden Dollar (for Citta's 50th Anniversary)
2008 White spool with CSR 2008 painted in Olympic colors
2009 Blue and Brown Tiki (Citta S.R.)
2010 Crown - Medieval theme (Citta S.R.)
2011 Copper Cowboy Hat (Citta S.R.)
2012 Rocket Ship (Citta S.R.)
2013 Pirate (Citta S.R.)
2014 Yellow spool with Teddy Roosevelt glasses and mustache (Roosevelt S.R.)
2015 Orange spool with "RSR 15" (Roosevelt S.R.)
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