General Information


Parental commitment is essential to the boys success in the program.  The boys have to be transported to meetings, camping trips and activities.  They need your support to help them accomplish their goals.


We urge all the scouts to have a complete uniform including long pants (winter) and shorts (summer). Please refer to our Troop 49 uniform guide included for details.


Every Wednesday at 6:45 to 8:15 PM. Check the Calendar for location.


The troop plans a camping trip once a month except for December. They average $15.00 in cost. We usually have one special trip in the winter and summer that can cost more. These trips can cost $40.00 to $60.00.

The troop provides the basics for camping including tent and cooking gear. The cost of each trip includes the food. The boys need sleeping bags, proper clothing (weather related) and some minor miscellaneous items. Please do not spend a large sum of money on any equipment without checking with the leaders first. This will help you save on unnecessary expenses.

Weekend trips usually depart the Marlton area from the Burger King in the K-Mart shopping center at 6:00pm Friday. We usually return to the same location on Sunday between 10:30am and 12:00 noon.

Summer camp is the highlight of the scout camping program.

The troop is flexible with respect to scheduling conflicts with sports activities. We try to insure the ability of the boys to participate in both.

Our policy is to have a minimum of 4 adults on every camping trip. We usually exceed this and to date this has not been a problem. This is for the safety of both the boys and adults.

Adult Involvement:

The troop is fortunate to have a high level of parental involvement. All trips and activities are open to parents as long as you agree to allow the boy to function within the group. We can always use additional asst. scoutmasters and committee persons to lend a hand. Please feel free to join in and spend some time with your son and 50 of his closest friends.

Troop Organization:

The troop is operated on the patrol method as required by the Boy Scouts of America. Each patrol has a patrol leader and asst. patrol leader elected by the boys in the patrol. These leaders are expected to attend the patrol leaders council meetings once a month. The senior and asst. senior patrol leaders who are elected by the entire troop lead this group. They plan the troop’s activities and program and decide on the strategies to implement their plans.

The new boys are placed into their own patrols to help them assimilate into the troop as a group. An older scout (troop guide) and an asst. scoutmaster are assigned to the new patrol to help guide them through their first year. They are there to answer questions, offer guidance and oversee advancement. The goal for each boy is to reach 1st class rank by the end of their first year in scouts.

The above is a quick overview of our program. If you have any additional questions do not hesitate to call one of the leaders or send email to the Troop Post Office.


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