Patrol Box Contents


Items Supplied by the Troop:
  1. Rubbermaid Action Packer Storage Container
  2. Rubbermaid Storage Boxes (1 or 2) Shoe Box Size
  3. Trail Chef Cook Kit
  4. Chef's Tool Kit
  5. Cutting Board, light weight polyethylene
  6. 4 Gallon Square Water Bottle

Items Supplied by the Patrol:

  1. Patrol Cook Book
  2. Seasonings & Spices
  3. Measuring Cup - Spoon
  4. Dishwashing Tools & Liquid Detergent
  5. Aluminum Foil
  6. Paper Towels (can double as napkins)
  7. Matches (wooden)
  8. Cooking Gloves / Pot Holders
  9. Patrol Emergency & Repair Gear
  10. First Aid Kit
  11. Wash Pot

Items Supplied by the Scout:

  1. Cup
  2. Knife, Fork & Spoon
  3. Mess Kit
  4. Steel Wool

Obtained from Troop Quartermaster:

  1. Stove (Fuel cylinder supplied by patrol)
  2. Dutch Oven
  3. Griddle
  4. Patrol Cooking Grid

Tips for Campsite Food Storage:

  1. Plan detailed menus using common ingredients to reduce your ingredient list and lighten your load.
  2. Be organized. Pack food according to its intended use. Airtight containers and sealable plastic bags make useful tools that can be recycled and used for many other campsite purposes.
  3. Dry mixes for pancakes, waffles, muffins, dry rubs, and herb mixtures can be measured and packed in the portions required for each recipe. Later, mix with water at the campsite or use to season the catch of the day.
  4. Cool it! Keep all perishables in an ice chest with a tight-fitting lid. Items like juice, milk, and water can be stored in plastic containers and frozen. This will help maintain a cold temperature in the cooler. Double-wrap all meats in plastic, label the packages, and be sure they are frozen before being tucked into the cooler.
  5. Keep eggs fresh by storing them in a cooler. Turn them large end up in the carton - this keeps their air cell in place and helps prolong freshness.
  6. Don't squash baked goods. Place loaves of bread in a plastic or cardboard container.

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