The Aims of Scouting


To Build Character:

To Foster Citizenship:


To Develop Fitness:

  • The Scouting Program:

    The scouting program is a highly developed system that is designed to achieve its aims through an advancement program that allows the boys to learn about themselves and others. The methodology is focused through the outdoor camping program and the skills required to excel in this endeavor. This integrated program helps the boys develop into responsible, contributing adult members of society.

    Troop 49 adheres to the scouting program as outlined in the Scout Handbook and the Leaders Manuals.

    The Scouting Program is a boy run organization. Within the confines of the program, the boys, through the Patrol Leaders Council, design their program around their interests. The adults are present to act as advisors and guides to help them achieve their goals. The troop has progressed from the beginning with almost complete leader control to the current state of youth leadership who can guide the troop along its intended path.

    Boy Scouts is the next step on the boys scouting trail. Cub Scouts stressed parent/son partnership in the majority of its activities. As your son graduates to Boy Scouts, the emphasis becomes one of independence and self-motivation. The boy works toward advancement within the troop during meetings and on camping trips. His advancement is monitored and recorded by the Scoutmaster, Assistant Scoutmasters, scout instructors and troop guides. This places the responsibility on the boy and allows him to mature at his own rate while learning to speak for himself among the group.

    The level of commitment to Boy Scouts is greater than cubs. The troop meets year around. There is a camping trip each month for the weekend. There are numerous other day activities that are offered to the boys to round out the program. The highlight of our year is the weeklong summer camp experience. The boys work at having fun and earning advancement while experiencing swimming, boating, pioneering, shooting, archery, fishing and other activities. It is important that you try to make this opportunity available to your sons. Statistics show that a boy who attends summer camp in his first year of scouting has an 80% chance of remaining in scouts and achieving his goals.

    It is important to remember that you canít do it for him, but you can offer your availability to be there to get him where he needs to be when he needs to be there.


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