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Statement of Purpose:

The Troop 49 web site is to provide information about Troop 49, its events and activities to the Scout Family of Troop 49 that is in accordance with the Scout Oath and Law. And to build character, to train in the responsibilities of participating citizenship, and to develop personal fitness for boys and young adults. Current information about the events and activities of Troop 49 is available for easy access and distribution, particularly when someone misses a meeting handout.

Every effort is made to keep the information up-to-date and accurate. The emphasis for web page design is on providing information and limiting graphics so the download time is minimized. The layout of web pages is kept simple and easy to maintain.

Additionally, scouts can meet the requirements for Computers merit badge by creating web pages for an event or activity.


  1. The Troop 49 web site must conform to the Scout Oath and Law and to the Troop 49 Web Site Policy. These policies reflect the current state of the Internet and shall be revised as necessary. The Troop 49 Webmaster must approve all content.
  2. Full names, phone numbers, e-mail or residence addresses of youth members are not allowed. Names of youth members shall be limited to first name and first letter of the last name.
  3. Photographs in which youth members can be easily identified shall not be used.
  4. No interactive forums.
  5. No personal information shall be collected via the Troop 49 web site. The Troop 49 web site is for distribution of information and not for collection of information. As such, the Troop 49 web site complies with the Children's Online Privacy Protection Rule.
  6. Web sites that are included as links must conform to the Scout Oath and Law.  Since we do not have control of linked web sites, links must be checked periodically to verify that they continue to meet these criteria. If any of the links are inappropriate, please notify the Webmaster immediately.
  7. Scouts working on the Computers merit badge need the approval of the merit badge counselor and Webmaster before starting to create a Troop 49 web page. A scout will typically be assigned to create a supplemental web page for an event or activity under the guidance of the merit badge counselor. The basis for the supplemental web page is that the scout can design a graphics intensive web page without affecting the parent web page. The scout has a lot of flexibility in creating a supplemental web page, but it must meet the Troop 49 Web Site Policy. The scout must submit the completed supplemental web page to the Webmaster who will incorporate the supplemental web page into the Troop 49 web site and publish it.

(Written January 26, 2000)

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